Long Island, New York Dermaplaning Training Courses

Are you ready to learn this amazing skill, that will give you financial freedom while doing something you love?

We created this course to give beauty pros the best dermaplaning education possible, while giving the skills to confidently provide this service to clients.

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We've been through it all! We have so much love, experience and passion for this industry. We want to share our knowledge and empower others to create their dream life, like we did!


Get the complete A-Z on how to become a dermaplane pro in this billion dollar industry!

Does This Dermaplaning Training Course Come With A Kit?

Yes! Your dermaplaning course will come with everything you need to get started and become one of the best dermaplane experts!

Where Will The Dermaplaning Training Classes Be Held?

All Dermaplaning Training Classes Will Be At Our Commack, Long Island Location


Just Some Of What You’ll Learn In This Dermaplane Training Course

Our Mission Is To Make You A Confident Dermaplane Expert!


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Why Is This Dermaplaning Course For You?

Whether you're a newbie dermaplaning specialist still figuring things out or an experienced dermaplane specialist just looking to brush up on your skills, this is the dermaplaning course for you!

This dermaplaning course is perfect for beginner and experienced dermaplane specialists!

Perfect for learning how to give your clients the glowy look they've been dreaming of!

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Dermaplaning Training FAQ'S

Where Will The Dermaplaning Training Classes Be Held?

All Dermaplaning Training Classes Will Be At Our Commack, Long Island Location

What's included in my dermaplaning kit?

Our basic kit includes: 

-Dermaplaning handbook

-Dermaplane Handle

-25 blades

-Age Defy Hydrating Cleanser

-Miracle Beauty Serum

-Gauze and cotton rounds

-All Day Moisture Moisturizer

Our upgraded kit includes:

-Dermaplaning Handbook 

-Dermaplane Handle

-50 blades

-Age Defy Hydrating Cleanser

-Deep Pore Cleanser

-Miracle Beauty Serum

-Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum

-Gauze and cotton rounds 

-All Day Moisture Moisturizer

-Hydra Surge Moisture Mask 

-3 of our lunchtime peels

Can I start right away?

This is different for everyone! Check your state regulations to see if you are eligible to offer dermaplaning. In New York State it is required that you are a licensed esthetician or RN before you may offer dermaplaning. 

If you work at a spa you are able to offer these services upon completion of our course.

If you are self employed, it is important to have the correct insurance before offering dermaplaning treatments. 

Do I need a license to dermaplane?

Yes, you need an esthetics or nursing license in order to offer dermaplaning to the public.

How long is the dermaplaning training?

This is a 5 hour training program, it includes a 2 hour lecture and 3 hour clinical portion that are guaranteed to set you up for success.